Vacuum Thermal Forming Inc.
Vacuum Thermal Forming - EST. 1996
Vacuum Thermal Forming Inc.

7000 Cty Rd 18, Spencerville, Ontario, Canada
P: 613-658-3300

VTF Inc - Proudly Canadian
Proudly Canadian

Mission Statement

Using up to date equipment and methods of manufacturing we produce high quality products for our cost conscious clients.
V.T.F. manufactures products from plastic sheets for a variety of clients in Canada and the United States, and we are looking at expanding our client base outside of Canada. Currently, we are striving to obtain ten to fifteen percent of the Ontario market in the next two years.


Message from the President

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Accepted Payment Methods



Custom – Mass Production

  • VTF's primary focus is to produce quality parts or finished products for our clients. Our client industries range from electronics and communications, to automotive and other consumer products.
  • In addition to traditional equipment manufacturers, we also provide components and products for government, specialized equipment manufacturers, and even environmental development companies.


Custom – Prototype

  • At VTF, we are proud to be able to fulfill unique customer needs by custom forming specialty items.
    • Unique, one-off parts
    • Product Design Prototype


Straight to Market

  • VTF designs and manufactures a variety of straight-to-market products.
    • Go ahead, and have a look at our product listing. Like something you see? Contact us and we'll negotiate a price.
    • Have an idea for a new product? We would be happy to help you develop it.


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